Solar Water Pumping System

Solar Water Pumping System

GNR Power provides a reliable and cost-effective solar solution for water pumping system. GNR Power designs offer best pumping solution for customer requirements. GNR Power offers solar water pumping system for various types of pump like submersible pumps, open well pumps & mono–block pumps

Solar water pumping systems are ideal for cases where grid power is not available, or the grid is not reliable. Solar pump systems start with Solar Panels converting sunlight into electricity, to power AC/ DC pumps which can be used to pump surface or groundwater. Solar Panels generate DC voltage and then DC voltage is converted to AC voltage by a solar pump controller which is designed keeping in mind how much voltage is required for the Solar pump. The Solar pumps with dual mode operation capability can be operating on electric power at night and solar power at daytime. Solar pump Controller has Inbuilt MPPT technology to get maximum power output from the solar Panels and all various protection options like over voltage, under voltage, reverse polarity, and dry running protection.

GNR Power has always been a pioneer in leveraging state-of-the-art technology, staffed with seasoned professionals, which helps in providing the highly energy efficient, reliable and durable solar water pumping system for our clients. Ranging from 1HP – 50HP,GNR Power offers solar submersible pump, solar surface mono-block pump and solar open-well pump. GNR Power has successfully installed and commissioned several solar water pump projects all over India and particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu to help farmers save their crops.

Solar Water Pumping System

Application: Agriculture , Rural Water supply for villages, Tank Filling, Irrigation , Sprinkler systems, Domestic and industrial water supply.

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