EV Charging

EV Charging

We, now, offer a range of EV charging solutions—hardware, software, and services. Currently we retail a wide variety of Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers. Our top brands include “SemaConnect” and “Delta” EV AC level 2 Chargers of various power ratings.

Typically, most charging stations that you'll find today use AC charging. It's ideal for charging your car at home or work because you'll need more time to load. While DC charging, on the other hand, is more common near highways or at public charging stations, where you don't have much time to recharge.

The usual charging speed with an AC charger is 22 kW, depending on the car that you own, as well as the power available to the charging infrastructure. But DC charging is making its way into home charging, offering new possibilities for customers since it allows not only fast charging but also bidirectional charging.


  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Municipal paid parking lots

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