LED Lights

Our products are designed by light engineering & optics seasoned professionals at our California office and are made in our own state of art factory in taiwan (not contracted or out sourced manufacturing) to ensure highest product quality. Just like how Apple Inc does.

Salient features
  1. Our lights are CE, UL, RoHS, IDA & environment certified. Our products have been tested and certified at 3rd party laboratories, Government Agencies like DoE and so on for various performance and safety requirements.
  2. We are IP68 certified to work in various governing bodies in Oil & Gas & mining industry for lighting needs.
  3. Max ambient temp that these can operate are currently set to 55 Deg C. We will shortly launch our new series which can handle 70 Deg C as well.


Our product line vs. other "high quality" competitors fixtures in order to see "how we are better?".


The following points can be noted from the comparisons:

    1. Higher Efficacy

Our street light and industrial light fixtures efficacies are extremely high at +112 lm/w. Our new IL450-185W Type V Square efficacy is +120 lm/w. When looking at price you need to compare lumens to lumens and not watts to watts. Our IL450 fixture competes against our competitor’s fixtures of much higher wattage classes. For eg: Our IL450-120W @ 14,000 lumens competes against other competitors 140W-180W fixtures and our IL450-150W @ 18,000 lumens competes against competitors 180W-220W fixtures. The IL450 is a brighter fixture providing less power consumption and faster ROI period.

    1. Low Junction Temperatures

Our 3rd party In-situ test results show our fixtures operate at extremely low junction temperature - increase lifespan and energy savings. Most competitors do not list their junction temperatures on their spec sheet. We are proud of ours! Low heat is the biggest indication of longevity of an LED fixture and trust in that fixture.

    1. IP68 vs IP65

Most "high quality" street lights are IP65, while it is in most cases good against humidity, dust and normal rain is never totally sealed to vapor, moisture and corrosion of the vulnerable solder points. Our IL450 is the highest rating of IP68 (fully waterproof/dustproof), protection for heavy rain, flood and CO2 completely. Extends the life of the product.

    1. Longer warranty

Most high quality companies offer a 5 year warranty. L.E.D offers a 7 year warranty on the LED engine and 5 years on the LED power supply. Companies that offer a 10 year warranty factor in the cost of an additional driver because the best drivers in the world only have a 5 year warranty due to a glass ceiling on this technology. We are able also to do this.

    1. No secondary lenses

Light Emitting Design street light and industrial light fixtures have a patented full cut off proprietary reflector and optical diffuser allowing for glare free, uniform lighting for all working environments. The reflector and optical system eliminates the need for costly and fragile plastic lenses. We do not use 2ndry lenses (plastic / polycarbonate lens) on the LED's. When using a 2ndry lens the loss of light is very big due to diffraction, refraction, and light pollution. It is impossible to get +110 lm/w using a 2ndry lenses and difficult to direct a micro lens without some light loss. Our ultra-high polished reflectors create zero light loss and all light is directed onto intended area. Again result is a brighter fixture, less power consumption and faster ROI (Swift payback).

    1. Low lumen depreciation

All lighting products experience a loss in lumen output over time. Metal Halide systems will have a loss of 40-45% in lumen output in the first 4,500 hours while operating at only 83% efficiency. Light Emitting Design’s fixtures will only realize a less than 4% lumen reduction after two years while maintaining high efficiency. Other lower quality LED replacements would lose nearly 20% of its lumen output (while offering less lumens to begin with) with low efficiency in the same period.

Advantages of LED
  • Green technology.
  • Long source life (light output degrades 25‐30 % after 11 years of continuous operation.
  • High lumen efficiency.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No moving parts.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Little heat; no radiated heat from light.
  • Natural coupling for digital control.
  • Non‐insect attracting.
  • Fast response.