Wind – Operations & Maintenance

  1. Operation & Maintenance
  2. Spares Management
  3. Data Analytics


The lifeblood of a wind farm is operations, electrical and mechanical troubleshooting and day to day facility performance reporting.
Turbine downtime directly results in lost profit: let GNR keep your wind farm operating at full capacity in order to attain your revenue goal.

  • Full service outsourced O&M
  • 24 X 7 remote/physical monitoring
  • Large corrective action


GNR performs Operation, Maintenance, Servicing, Repairs, Installation, Condition monitoring and Refurbishment of all types of wind turbines. Furthermore, GNR provides 24 X 7 surveillance of wind turbines.
We offer O & M, spare parts & SCADA for all capacity & make of wind turbines and always in close cooperative with turbine owner.

Our strong service network ensures stable operation and short waiting period.

With SCADA monitoring, we able to monitor the turbine condition 24 X 7 and move out if problem arise. That way, you are ensuring that quick and efficient action is taken to prevent down time.

We are capable of identifying any deviation in the condition of the turbine from a very early stage and correcting the issue it before it results in a catastrophic failure.Wind_Turbine

Increasing Revenue
  • Improving price of energy
  • Improving turbine availability
  • Improving energy yield
Decreasing Cost
  • Lower labour cost
  • Innovation in O&M practices form broader industry
  • Supply competition – Spares
  • Consolidation across technologies
  • Efficient through tec

Spares Management

Spares Management plays an important role in achieving the desired machine availability at an optimum cost. Presently, the industries are going for capital intensive, mass production oriented and sophisticated technology. The downtime of machine is prohibitively expensive. It has been observed in the wind industry that the non-availability of spare parts, as and when required for repairs,maintenance contributes to as much as 50% of the total down time. Also, the cost of spare parts is more than 50% of the total maintenance cost in the industry. It is a paradox to note that the WTG maintenance team in the OEM's are complaining of the non-availability of the spare parts to meet their requirement and finance department is facing the problem of increasing locked up capital in spare parts inventory. This amply signifies the vital importance of Spares Management in any organisation. Windmillblade

The unique problems faced by the organisation in controlling/managing the spare parts are as follows.Firstly, there is an element of uncertainty as to when a part is required and also the quantity of its requirement. This is due to the fact that the failure of a component, either due to wearing out or due to other reasons, can not be predicted accurately. Secondly, spare parts are not that easily available in the market as they are not fast moving items. Finally, the rate of consumption of spare parts for some are very high and for some are very low. These problems are to be faced by systematic Spares Management.

The objective of Spares Management is to ensure the availability of spares for maintenance and repairs of the plant and machinery as and when required at an optimum cost.Also, the spares should be of right quality. There are many actions required to ensure the Spares Management effective.

There is a need for systematic actions while managing spare parts as given below, GNR will help you solve your problems vis-à-vis

  • Identification of spare parts
  • Forecasting of spare parts requirement
  • Inventory analyses
  • Formulation of selective control policies for various categories
  • Development of inventory control systems
  • Stocking policies for capital & insurance spares
  • Stocking policies for rotable spares or sub-assemblies
  • Replacement policies for spare parts
  • Spare parts inspection
  • Indigenisation of spares
  • Reconditioning of spare parts
  • Establishment of spare parts bank


Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems on modern wind turbines provide a treasure trove of data which needs to be analysed and monitored in order to get the most out of your wind turbines.

Apart from power curve data and error logs there are a wide range of operating characteristics which can be studied. GNR has knowledge of what are the significant characteristics to focus analysis effort on. OCE'S Data Analytics team possesses computer programming and logic skills required to handle large amounts of SCADA data. We also have many years of expert scientific data analysis experience which enables quick identification of problems and the experience to interpret anomalies.

Trends, time series, correlations, missing data, large data sets – we can handle it, study it, interpret it, present it and summarize our findings in a concise report of conclusions and recommendations.

  • Component Cost Life Cycle
  • Uniform codec -Description of irregularities, activities
  • Customer KPI’s and Dash board Interface